On the 17th of October 1995 at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA twin sisters were born. Each of the twins weighed all of two pounds at birth. One sister thrived and one’s health seemed to be on a downward spiral in the first few days of life. A nurse decided to put the sisters together in the incubator. Almost immediately, one snuggled up to the other. The sister in distress, her blood-oxygen saturation levels, which had been frighteningly low, soared. She began to breathe more easily. The frantic crying stopped and her normal pinkish color quickly returned. Over the next weeks, her health improved steadily. Now we’re just finding out that when babies are held, there are all these tremendous physiological benefits, it is not just comforting to a baby.

This story is an amazing example of vitalism in action. Vitalism is the metaphysical doctrine that living organisms possess a non-physical inner force or intelligence that gives them the property of life. I personally see it as the Spirit or Soul, the intelligent design of a loving heavenly father. Vitalists understand that the laws of physics and chemistry alone cannot explain life functions and processes.

Chiropractic is at its philosophical roots, a vitalistic healing art. Celebrating the innate intelligence in each one of use to heal and maintain balanced physiology. At its simplest, a chiropractic adjustment is solely meant to remove any hindrances in that intelligence which flows from your brain, through your nerves to every cell in your body. Chiropractic never tries to control, manipulate, or alter through drugs or surgery the normal responses the body has, because we agree that the body’s intelligence to heal and create life is unmatched by anything here on this earth.

This is in contrast to the mission statement of Modern Science. Bruce Lipton is a imminent research scientist in the field of epigenetics and someone that through a lifetime of scientific research has gained a greater appreciation for “Intelligent Design”. He writes, “The mission statement of Modern Science was defined by English Philosopher Francis Bacon and adopted shortly after the Scientific Revolution (1543). Accordingly, science’s purpose was to “control and dominate Nature.” The primary purpose of scientific inquiry was to gain an understanding of the “natural laws” of bodily action. Through this process, it was expected that man would obtain mastery over Nature. You could describe the idea of obtaining mastery over nature as ambitious, Bold, or Arrogant, depending on your world view. It sounds like someone that wants to play God in my opinion. I personally know for a fact there is only one God, who reigns over heaven and earth. Vitalism is a metaphysical philosophy that does not deny the Creator.