Empowered Health Decisions


I am going to start out heavy and make this short and to the point. When we as parents have a starting point and logical process by which we can measure all of our parenting choices, we become self-empowered. Because our world is so flooded with information that must be sorted through, sometimes a decision can seem overwhelming to the point where we give up and just follow the recommendation of an outside authority (friends, family, or some professional). Wouldn’t it be nice to have some preset filter for all the information, ideas, and opinions regarding health? This filter would act as a litmus test in helping us make decisions for our health and the health of our families. Allowing us to always feel confident about those decisions.

I personally have such a filter! What is it? It is my philosophy. Philosophy is the premise by which you filter information and consequently make your decisions based on. If you have not thought to establish your own philosophy it is likely that you have adopted the philosophy of those around you whom you either spend the most time around, or those you admire, or popular culture. The philosophy or premise by which I choose to filter information regarding health is that life is naturally intelligent, and with that intelligence comes organization, natural laws, and a sense of order, based on principles of function. This perspective recognizes there is wisdom in how life is organized, allowing me to deduce the following: That which is most supportive of normal, natural physiology is usually the choice most congruent with this paradigm. This is my litmus test and how I filter information for myself regardless of popular opinion, fear, misinformation, or any other outside influence. In my opinion, this prevents one from giving up their power to choose to an outside authority, while at the same time allowing for confident, sound health decision making.

An example of my philosophy in action happens every day when I feed myself and my family. I pick up an item at the grocery store, read the label, and in looking at the ingredients I put that food through my test. I ask, are these ingredients supportive of normal, natural physiology? Or in the case of a doctor’s recommendation for the use of any medication, I will ask the same question. Is this medication supportive of normal, natural physiology? If it is not, then I will ask is there another option that is congruent with normal, natural physiology.

My question to you is what is your litmus test for filtering information and making health decisions? What is your philosophy? Whether you have consciously thought about it or not you do have one. I would challenge you to figure out what yours is if you have not purposefully done so. And if you do not like what you discover, change it! A well thought out philosophy will empower you, and be a solid foundation to guide you faithfully through easy and difficult decisions made every day.