Chiropractic is Not for Pain


Chiropractic has helped millions of people throughout the history of the profession with spinal injuries that cause debilitation pain and disability. Many patients of chiropractic say they love going to the chiropractor because they just feel so good after getting adjusted. The amazing success stories of crawling into the chiropractic office and walking out pain free have created a huge misunderstanding for the average person about what chiropractic is actually for. Even despite the great testimonials of patients who love their chiropractor because of how much they have helped them, chiropractic is dramatically more effective in there scenarios where individuals use chiropractic for optimal function and therefore, prevention of future problems.  Most people are aware of the famous truism stated quoted by Benjamin Franklin when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This means the longer you wait the more it will cost you. So, is it less expensive to change the oil in your car or to change the engine in your car? Is it less expensive to exercise daily or have heart surgery? Is it less expensive to buy organic when necessary or pay for cancer treatment? It all boils down to the ultimate truth that prevention, or being proactive, is much more effective and much less expensive than being reactive. The same is true of the effectiveness of chiropractic. Chiropractic is awesome at promoting amazing health, but is rarely used as such, it is instead used as an emergency band-aid for chronic aches and pains. There are a number of reasons for this currently reality, including the medical professions continual attempts to unlawfully discredit chiropractors, but let’s direct our focus back on establishing the truth of what chiropractic is designed for and where it is most effective.

Wellness is by definition, the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. I would add to this definition, just for clarity, not just “deliberate effort”, rather deliberate preventative effort. The definition of health is in the word itself. Heal-th is the state of the body healing itself. So the question is how does chiropractic prevent? Chiropractors first recognize what controls all healing in the body is the brain through the spinal cord and nerves. Chiropractors look to correct interference in that pathway of healing. Interference in the form of spinal misalignments cause stress on the nerves. This creates a state of dis-ease on the nervous system. Since your nervous system control everything in your body, if it is not at ease then neither is your body. If this interference is left uncorrected the problem and your health just becomes worse with time. If the misalignment is corrected, the stress is removed and your brain is again able to restore normal health to the body.

As we established previously, this is always much more effective and much less expensive when used preventatively. In the common scenario where the misalignment is undetected or just flat out ignored for weeks, months, and in most cases years, the possibility of complete correction is dramatically diminished. This is because the problem has progressively worsened right under your nose. Therefore chiropractic treatment at this point will need to be much more aggressive, but have only a fraction of the results as compared to if it was used to detect and prevent misalignment early on.

My hope and mission is that our office can help as many people and their entire families change their legacy of health by following the recommendation of Benjamin Franklin, and using chiropractic as a wellness tool to prevent di-ease and actively promote heal-th.