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Rehab Therapy

Rehab Therapy - Restore Health, Eliminate Pain

Therapeutic Exercises

Colopy Chiropractic and Wellness Center is equipped to offer a variety of therapeutic exercises to complement your chiropractic care.  Therapeutic exercise is a form of  bodily movement aimed at correcting a physical impairment, restoring normal function and promoting a state of well being. It has to be tailored to meet the specific goals, capabilities and precautions relative to the client. Physiotherapists use therapeutic exercise to improve range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance and cardiovascular health. Therapeutic exercise has been found to be helpful in cases of arthritis, low back pain, stroke, knee and shoulder injuries.

Therapeutic exercise for strengthening can take the form of isometric contractions or resistive exercise. Isometric exercise may be indicated when there is little available range of motion, but strength needs to be maintained or increased. It involves contracting the muscles without moving the part. In resistive exercises, you may use weights, resistance bands or push against a stationary force, such as a table or wall.

Rehab area at Colopy Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Therapeutic Stretching

For some patients, therapeutic stretches are a good way to restore joint mobility and improve muscle strength.  This assisted form of stretching requires that the client is fully participating, thus active in the stretching process by focusing on engaging (innervating) the muscle that drives the movement of that particular joint. The  antagonistic muscle group is totally relaxed and released for the deepest safest and most painless of all the stretching modalities. This whole sequence and protocol of stretches assists in balancing and realigning the entire body, removing unnecessary tilts, torque and rotation in the pelvis which is so fundamental as our base for all movement patterns.

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